Trent Denman is the Founder of Elevation Performance Group LLC.

Trent has been in sales most of his life, and the first half of his career was a struggle. He struggled to make any headway, but nothing changed until he had a realization:

"The future belongs to salespeople that are willing and able to create their own sales opportunities."

Once this realization was in the forefront the second half of his career EVERYTHING changed. He learned how to develop relationships and create opportunities, which allowed him to achieve the sales career of his dreams.

He likes to walk, hike, jog, and he loves anything having to do with cars! He resides in his dream house in Colorado Springs with his wonderful wife Jennifer and his 4 amazing children. He has a passion for his family and enjoys being able to enjoy life with them! Becoming successful in sales has truly given him the opportunity to live the life that he has always dreamt of.

Today, Trent wants to help others do the same. If you're willing to work hard and learn, then he can help you bring your sales performance to the next level.